Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I searched about how to get rid of dark circles around my eyes -,- but thank God ! I finally found Michelle Phan's blog. She tells every single things that I need. Love the way MP edited her video! So cute and she's pretty too!

Jang jang jang~!

Watch this.

I think she gives a simple solution for us, who has undereye circles.
Seriously, before this I thought I want to buy Bio-essence products but after I watching this videos er I don't know which one I would like to follow or buy. Ahh. It's really complicating.
I know it makes no sense to you who has no dark circles. -,-
You know what, I'm so jealous of you, guys! xD
Ok, annoying. Kbaibaibaibaibai!

#Hopefully, my panda eyes will be gone forever!

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